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Project developer in artistic, cultural, scientific and technical domains, Julien Bellanger is co-founded PING'association that explores the practices of the digital era, and encourages the re-appropriation of technology since 2004. Through digital and social innovation, PiNG facilitates cross-pollination across traditional audience boundaries by promoting the values of free culture.
He is involved in different activities ( workshops, residencies, meeting, camp, ... ) whose cross pedagogical approach, artistic meaning looking at issues of the impact of digital technologies on social innovation.

In 2015, as part of the creation of an open Art / Science / Technology / Society laboratory, PiNG invited researchers, artists, creators and explorers to question and decode the geological concept of the Anthropocene, the era in which human activity has begun to have significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems. How can artistic practice inform this change of era? How can artworks and creative processes render this transition visible and palpable?

In 2016, PiNG continues this exploratory dynamic and invites artists and researchers to work on the symbiotic relationships between humans, plants, and animals, not only in the slender layer of atmosphere which surrounds our planet, but also in its oceans too. And so O.CAMP counter ticks up to 1.CAMP.

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