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Jonathan MINCHIN

Iaac / Valldaura Self-Sufficiency Lab

Having studied Fine Arts and Design Craftsmanship, Jonathan Minchin attained a masters degree MSC in ‘International Cooperation, Sustainable Emergency Architecture’ in 2010.

In this field he has worked on housing and development projects alongside ‘Habitat for Humanity’ in Costa Rica, ‘UNESCO’ in Cuba and with ‘Basic Initiative’ in Tunisia.

He has worked in conjunction with ‘UN-Habitat’ in Barcelona and holds a particular interest in appropriate technology and local manufacturing. His professional career has focused on architectural and urban development projects with Architects Offices in both England and Spain and his writing on “Geographic referencing for Technology Transfer” was published in the book “Reflections on Development and Cooperation” in 2011.

He took part in the Fab Academy at the Fab Lab Barcelona in 2013. Jonathan is currently the coordinator of the Green Fab Lab at Valldaura Labs, IAAC Campus in Barcelona.