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City council of Brest
Brest, France
Ronan PICHON is member of the city council of Brest, France, since 2014. He is devoted to digital affairs, social economy and sustainable development.

As city councilor he thrives to promote the empowerment of citizens and organizations, using digital tools, to build a more inclusive and more sustainable city.

He is involved in the “forum des usages coopératifs”, national event focused on the questions of cooperation, collaboration, open innovations,… He works to promote the commons in Brest, their use and the knowledge around commons (Brest en communs). He also works to ensure that everybody can have access to digital resources : Internet public access points, low cost internet access in social housing, … He supports the local Fabcity community and promotes the project in the city council, and in the city as an opportunity to tackle the changes initiated by the digital transition and the challenges of sustainable development.
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